Gas Permeable Contact Lens Solution

When it comes to cleaning and storing your RGPs, you have many choices. Gas permeable contact lens solution comes in two basic types: one-step and two-step. The type of solution that you use is simply a matter of preference and, sometimes, eye health.

One-step solutions are normally called multi-purpose solutions. They clean, disinfect and store your lenses without the necessity of purchasing multiple products. There are many different brands of one-step solutions for you to choose from. One thing to watch is whether or not they say ‘no-rub’. What many people don’t realize is that no-rub gas permeable contact lens solution requires that you rinse each side of the lens for at least five seconds. That’s a lot of lens solution going down the drain!

Two-step gas permeable contact lens solution has two solutions: a daily cleaner and a rinse/storage solution. You clean your lenses by rubbing them in your palm in a few drops of cleaner and the rinse them with saline solution. You then use this same solution in your case to store your lenses. Many wearers find that they get a better clean when using the more traditional two-step system.

A final choice in gas permeable contact lens solution is the hydrogen peroxide solution. Contact lens solution with peroxide is generally recommended for users with more sensitive eyes that can react poorly to other contact lens solutions. These solutions clean exceptionally well but may be inconvenient as the lenses, once stored, have to sit for at least six hours in order for the peroxide to neutralize. Some RGPs are not compatible with peroxide solution as the peroxide can break down the coating on the lens. Contact your eye doctor or the lens manufacturer to see if peroxide solution is safe for your brand of gas permeable lens.